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Stress Relief Strategies

 Our non-invasive emotional release services, technology, and techniques are specifically designed to soothe tired, anxious, or depressed individuals who are looking for natural, healthy ways to find relief.

Empowering Education

At the center, we are strong believers in emotional self-reliance. 

We offer:

  • Self-Healing tools and strategies
  • Mindset mentoring
  • Classes

We encourage our clients to find their own solutions to inner conflict. While aligning with love and respect for themselves and others.


Detoxification is essential for the body systems to be able to align and stabilize. Regular “housecleaning” provides the support needed for the body to do what it knows how to do best, restore and repair itself.

Biofeedback Assessments

Our AO scan technology reads and interprets energy, frequency, vibration, and resonance signal, so that you know what is going on inside of your body. It also is an optimization tool to bring those areas into balance. This is proving to be an invaluable tool here at the center.  Ask your practitioner for more information about how you can have your own device at home!

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What People are Saying

I just wanted to say thank you for that amazing healing session. Words cannot describe the shifts that have happened and I am truly grateful. It’s been so long since I have felt like myself and that alone is huge. Thank you for showing up for me. 

A.R. Utah


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