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Since 2000

For 20 years we have partnered together, teaching one another and learning the hard stuff in the hope of serving our community. And now, at the Integrating Wellness Center, we have invited other skilled practitioners to unite with us to provide Utah Valley families with holistic alternatives for a healthier lifestyle,  stress relief, and personal empowerment.
Between us, we have ten kids, one husband apiece and over 55 years in the healing arts.
Stephanie Stoker 
Tam Pendleton


Following the Dream

Stephanie Stoker

For nearly 30 years, Stephanie Stoker has been on an incredible adventure as a student and practitioner of a number of different healing modalities. Her journey started as a massage apprentice to a fabulous sports and rehabilitation massage therapist, where she learned the art of touch and listening to the body in order to facilitate healing and recovery. Since that time, she has studied Cranio-Sacral Therapy from the Up-ledger Institute, going on to study Consegrity, PUSH Therapy, the Emotion Code, The Body Code, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and is a Certified Healer’s Blueprint Practitioner and mentor.



Through these trainings and certifications, she has developed her own unique methods, knowing that by supporting the body, it can clean, clear, organize, and reorganize to realize its highest function. 

Stephanie is a masterful teacher of the human’s need for love supplies and the inevitable pain of the inner child. Her intuitive skills are key to unlocking the body’s hidden trauma and self-defeating survival skills. She loves working with individuals one-on-one; mentoring and giving her clients the individual support needed to achieve their emotional and physical goals.

Stephanie shares empowering tools that help individuals to live a more-connected and meaningful lives, using timeless techniques for fine-tuning or initiating a major renovation. 

Happy Life Warrior

Tam Pendleton

Tam Pendleton is the self-proclaimed, Happy-Life-Warrior. She began her professional journey in the healing arts as Stephanie’s massage therapy apprentice, then went on to become a LMT and national trainer for PUSH Therapy. She became a certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner, as well as a Cellular Release Therapist with an international clientele. She created the Hardwired for Happy mentoring program to help her clients sustain their own healing, and in 2013 founded The Healer’s Blueprint, a powerful energy modality that marries intuitive energy medicine/psychology with practical life skills. Her unique formula for healing uses the theories of quantum mechanics, energy, and Christian principles. She teaches others to identify and release patterns of codependency, abuse issues, and limiting programming from the cellular structures of the body. 





As a skilled mentor and trainer, her Healer’s Academy, offers an empowering training/mentoring program for energy practitioners from all over the world; helping clients open the doors of self-love and empowerment.  

Tam is a wife and the mother of five adorable grown-ups.

Friends and associates for 20 years, Stephanie and Tam have worked together, trading off roles as mentor and apprentice. Truly, they have led each other forward to create advances in the world of emotional release techniques, and look forward to working with you on a beautiful and exquisite journey of healing.

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